HR Counterspell

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Rule – Counter Spelling.

way to powerful as it is. “as we understand the current rules it
would negate all low level magic and almost no cost”

pool = counter spelling skill + Magic attribute. ( a per the rules ).

The declaration is going to be the same (simple action). its assumed
to be maintained until you say otherwise, or you loose LOS.

The difference is it can only be used ONCE per turn. unless surprised
you you can use it at any point in the turn even before your
As its effectively an interrupt, you need to declare its use after the
incoming spell has been declared but before the defense dice are
please try not to coordinate during the turn as its supposed to be
reactive. preplanned agreements are ok.

if more than one person is counter spelling then the the person with
the highest pool makes the roll,
the others roll their pool and their success add DICE to the highest
persons pool.

The dice used in counter spelling are not “used up”, nor are any actions.

1. by default people with counter spelling are assumed to be
protecting themselves at all times.
2. if surprised / a sleep / unconscious etc then just your magic
attribute applies, like a barrier with no skill.

HR Counterspell

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