The Sorrow Stone

The Cathedral wrap up

After you have put out the fires and moved out the bodies….

You notice the Brothers and Seb have gone. The priests are still around so are the bodyguards.

You can hear the odd bits of gun fire from the city but nothing more comes your way.

The forest ambulance turns up to help out with the injured and get you and your stuff back home.

Caspian starts to some arrangements to get his people out of the city. Having broken radio silence he is told that the body count isn’t as bad as first he feared. His men are spread out over many miles of hostile territory but almost half of them are still alive.

It takes an hour or so the sort things out during which a suited anonymous elf turns up and a strange conversation is had between him and Caspian. The gist of which is he respects the man but not his actions, but it needs to be cleared up quickly and quietly before national authorities get involved.
Caspian agrees to providing the locations of his men in return for amnesty from the council for them. He personal will return with in the week to explain his actions to the council. His Prince’s actions and whereabouts are between him and the council.
When the Elf hesitates in taking Caspian’s word on the matter, he finds him self seconds away from a formal duel. The words tho spoken quietly still stunned the Elf into respect, “A bastard I might be, but remember I am only one marriage short of being your prince. My bloodline in strong and honourable none the less. Never again question my honour unless you are armed and ready to defend your life”

The bodyguards leave their main weapons to you and leave with the Elf. Caspian leaves on his own.

as the morning begins you start to feel the effects of and unexpected all night run. Travelling back to the Forest in the ambulance you feel you might actually have been part of something which has made the world a better place.

more questions than answers …



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