The Sorrow Stone

Not in our backyard

When getting paid for “traffic stop” a few more Mr Johnsons have “arrived”.
They are concerned about what might happen and are willing to pay you to go in and stop it once and for all. In fact quite a lot of Yen is on offer.

planning… planning…….
find out they have 24 guards with 8 on each 8 hrs, 3 shamans (initiate 4+).
rethink… planning….

Zero is still digging, tho the Company is all cash funded, once it started spending it becomes more traceable. So not much about who’s behind it but quite a bit on where their money is going.
Employees are all on short contracts due to expire at the end of April. The land is owned out right.
Catering and cleaning are out sourced to reputable companies. paid to the end of the month.
There is some out of office time working. mainly around the arrival of special order parts.
There is some state of the art computing and comms being bought and fitted as well as some custom chips being made to order. ( Zero is very interested in this info ).
… time passes …
Zero gets back to you with address on the “3” shammans. At least one is a fake sin. Its possible that one shaman is faking being 2 of them ( double pay ). This would make their magic cover a spread a bit thin.
The guards 8 at a time. 2 are ex-merc with combat experience but the shifts are filled out with 6 rent a cops types.
Zero gets the impression the company is trying to look as secure and stable as possible while burning as much of its capital as it can to get things done by the end of the month. Tho against that they have somewhere an elite hacker keeping all the fake sins, backgrounds up to date.



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