The Sorrow Stone

Money, Morals and the out come.

Having decided to retroactively make some money rather wait around to do nice karma runs.

After some debate as to the which types on money acquirements the team was prepared to do it became a that there was a limited set they could agree on.

so after a few side business deals made by Ledglas. The team decided on a two avenues of revenue.

1. loan out the ring of hiding for magical research. after expenses 27k a month for a year, arranged through Snark,Snark and Jones law firm.
1million yen bond, and a months cancellation in both directions.
2. bounty hunting, Jef Hudson has skipped bail bond and 10% of 300K sounds good money.

background search showed he ran a casino for the triads. And was up on charges of not paying tax. This is odd as pay some tax and keeping everyone happy would be a more common way to run a casino,
The team suspect he was stealing from the triads.. ouch …
after some surveillance work and matrix hacking. The team as able to trace Jef via a taxi ride to a motel near the northern boarder.
Also Wendy found out his rank and that the triads didn’t consider him “protected” . Left token with Triad guard.
a few burn phones later (need to buy a box of these), they end up in a room with Jef.

Jef offers them 250K in cash if they get him over the boarder.
now follows an evening of moral depate.
1. return him to the cops 30k, triads will still torture him for the millions he has hidden electronically.
2. take 250k and release him in canada.
3. take 250k and some how turn him over to police of Triads for extra
4. turn him over to traids. for a guess of 50K plus good will and future work.

- do we really need money ?
- 250k , so what thats only 37k each, ( more money than they have earned in their career so far )
- take 250k and then shoot him, at least he doesnt get tortured.

final result.
get the location of the money. and release him into canada, but keep a magical link to him. dont tell police or Traids anything.

next week collect the money



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