The Sorrow Stone

Cathedral part 1

The missing Link

30th Jan 2013

Shiney squaked and I startled and while contemplating formulae for spontanious spell casting and a spell that would make others forget recent events I look up and see we have climbed down among the sewers again, there is some talk of a mission to aid these people. A competent but exhausted warrior, a monk with a box and a boy who itches my brain and when my eyes fix on him the bird pecks at my mind and whispers “shiney”.

After more observation he is a wolf in boys clothing not a good fit and has an aura of power burried beneath. My instincts scream he is trouble and to stay clear, my mind reals from mythic legend to a beastiary of creatures known to roam the world. Always fixing on the words half whispered in the very recesses of my mind “Dragon” known for shape changing and assuming forms of innocents.

Seems like they have been chased by creatures mostly moving at night who swarm and are mostly immune to gun play and stun. If they move to quickly its like they become Astral beacons and would be drawn from all over unless they move at a walking pace, the Monk can use his magic skills to shielda small bubble (He must be a very skilled Arcanist as he is able to mask his magic well.) My skills will be of little use and so our glorious leader suggested I go home. Tempting but that powerful creature dressed as a boy has peeked my interest.

They must get to the Cathedral, we have been employed to help them. In order to do so I offer my aquasition skills to forge ahead and get some wheels big enough to take everyone but clean enough for my house mate Wendy not to obsessively clean for several hours. A recently cleaned Dustvan will hold us all and not stand out moving at this snails pace. Gun play insues.



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