The Sorrow Stone

Into the Amazon

on flight Mr Hinton, Uncle Ho, Hicks(troll), Wilson, Clark
professional crew obviously worked together including Mr Hinton.
Uncle Ho was unexpected but shown great respect.
uneventful flight down, “interesting” landing onto short jungle runway,
On closer inspection runway is camouflaged tarmac (still scraly short)
ramshackled buildings and local area hides a well maintained and organised operation.
Illegally collecting magical animals and material, presumably to be smuggled out of the Amazon.
Boss Pedro is surprised to see Mr Hinton and is quick to make sure every thing is in order.
Drago, Pedro’s second in command covertly gives Uncle Ho (who he has assumed is Mr Hinton’s second ), the heads up about a hidden tracker and remote control on the helicopter.
Uncle Ho gets Clark to temporally disable it and jokingly comments to Mr Hintons that Drago is Machiavellian enough to be one of yours. Mr Hinton smiles, “Drago is a long term project”.
Its becoming clear Mr Hinton is much more the head of security for Jade Films Seatle.
Wendy gets Zero onto finding out more. Uncle Ho relationship to Mr Hinton is another thing Wendy is intrigued by.

Clark and the team fly into the jungle …
Odo extraction … [ could someone write this up , and ill fill in / correct if needed }
unknown to anyone outside of the team you end up with one of the stones ( the Indian one }

after… Odo needed medical attention and does not say much, he’s disappointed to loose the stones and is unclear where the mechaniods came from. As far as he can make out the “came through” at the same time he did and set about killing the local wild life in the chamber. Odo Hid and was ignored. A “shadow man” came through hours later and went out side and did not return. The jungle was much quieter after than. The mechaniods stated on widening the tunnel. They are better at killing than digging and had made little progress.
The tenticals came an went from time to time but didn’t leave the chamber. Odo tried to leave but each time he came in sight of the mech’s they turned to attack him and then ignored him. Odo was too scared to push his luck with the mechs, tho soon lack of food and water would have driven him to try.
flight back….
Mr Hinton left the missile system for Pedro and took with him a couple of boxes.
uneventful flight back, at Airport. Mr Hinton drops his aloof/focused/leader personality for the last few minutes of the flight and seems genuinely pleased with things. He gives the credit to Tash, a box to Uncle Ho, and smiles at link saying “a little bird said you like shiny things” and throws Link a remote key.

200k , 30xMagical materials, 10xRare hardwood natural radicals. Car for link, a truck for the team.



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