The Sorrow Stone

Eviction with prejudice

Eviction with prejudice
Evictions and securement of labs belong to a subsidiary of Ares Corp
Not enough (never is)
Under the leadership of Lance planning for a covert Op was drop in favour of the classic frontal assault with blanket option.
From the opening of the door surprise was lost; the team eviction process was hampered by a large beast sprit that vomited a toxic substance all over our glorious leader.
Mage support quickly kicked in with Magpie standing open mouthed at the sight of the beast whilst try to ascertain a course of action. Godboy tried to stun the said wee beasty put failed to put enough effort into the spell in fear of over exertions. Ledgeless called on his allied sprit Grom to smite the beast however the beast seemed to shrug off these heroic attacks.
The Beast now bore down on our vomiting leader when Wendy stepped into the breach and with a few massive clouts from her small childlike hands had the beast reeling. Support from Grom and then more stuns from Magpie and Godboy left the beast defeated. However the beast’s job had been done and the squatters had been warned that notice was being served.
Lance, after his floor pizza exhibition started to end lead us bravely into the lift to decent to whatever lay ahead.
Lift door opened, gas grenades flew out, no wait these had been left in the passenger seat, a single smoke grenade flew out and bounce among a squad of well armed professionals who pressed the auto fire on the nice new automatics. In that split nano second the mage support kicked in.Magpie tried to disarm his foe with a look of bewilderment and uncertainty as he tried unsuccessfully to pluck an action from his great intellect that did not involve a blanket. Godboy use the cover that could be found in the inside of the lift, he hid behind Magpie). Ledgeless ranged off this previously maligned area stun spell that prevented several trigger fingers working.
Hot metal poured into the lift missing the open mouthed Magpie and slamming into the armour of our lucky Leader. As the smoke began to develop the un-stunned squad of squatters were quickly gunned down by the reactive gunmen of the team whilst the mages reserved their energy for other dangers yet to be faced.
The fog started to clear, plan A was still in force, the charge continued, the valley of death was awaited and we had no horses …

Part 2
Having remembered history, watchers were sent into the valley before the charge. 3 Bogies on the left, watch down on the right. Our leader left (to get the gas was the rumour) Unsure what to do the Mages faffed around. Magpie (Bill) knew the routine and dug out this scrabble app, Wendy would sort this. Ledgeless was an unbeliever he sneered at the use of all the letters on a triple word score and smashed the cell phone into the floor demanding that the Magpie mage joined the action.
The last of the security crew fell to the floor ridded with automatic fire. The Magpie mage smiled, Ledgeless frown, is could not be true, Wendy was not the perfect the min maxed demi –goddess of death.” Believe” whispered the Magpie
The small 15 year old girl reloaded the 34 shot death ray as Godboy mage fingered open the door opposite and then began to video the room. Confused images of horror and destruction filled the mobile screen of the mages. Magpie looked with disgust at his broken screen as he pocketed Ledgeless’s mobile whom was in some kind of summoning trance.
More bodies fell to floor or would have if they had not been prone at the time as Wendy gave the underpaid security guards the bad news, they had been fired. 3 Large ravens circled the new room as the security guards expired. The 3 mages looked on hopeful as this was magic and Wendy would soon need their help.
The Ravens bore down on Wendy as her pubescent figure stood heroically in the doorway, to their surprise and there now spotted master, a toxic shaman of great power in the corner of the room the ravens attacks were fruitless. Wendy between reloading her gun, eviscerating the rest of the guards, fended of the ravens and bore down on the Shaman.
Ledgeless reviewed his mobile as Magpie download a copy of scrabble onto it, no wait, the Ravens has not been vanquished they could now step in the breech and join Wendy as she continued her reign of carnage. The 3 mages held hands and began to cast, it was time to throw the rule book out of the window. With ease the mages banished the Ravens sprits feeling no ill effects as they continued to look for a window for the rulebook. Magpie saw the opening under the Toxic mage then Ledgeless’s guardian Grom cut the support string as Godboy stuffed the rule book into the depths of hell.
The Toxic mage fell the floor gasping, “fly my pretties “ as the last Raven vanished and wondered how his force shield had been destroyed with such easy by the 15 year old Orc Wendy.(He was a mage he knew she was an Orc)
The looting began as the Leader returned with the gas, even the nails were taken as our Shadow runners pressed Ledgeless for another invisibility spell to get the loot unseen to the car.
Magpie, who had slumpt when the rule book had arisen from the Ashes, lay back in the get way car to dream of what apps he would load on his newly acquired phone to help him while away the time whilst Wendy laid waste to the challenges ahead………..



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